How to get the electric car dealership

For the smooth deployment and deployment of electric cars, dealerships are significant industry leaders. In the electric car diaspora, they are the initial point of contact with the user.

A dealership may also be a business with an electric system for employees who drive electric automobiles. Salespeople will also move from one wholesaler to the next.

The Managing Officer, Banking and Insurance Managers, Service Professionals, and Technicians are the significant persons at a dealer who may influence the purchase of electric cars. Each of them could come into contact with the client and have an impact on their purchasing decisions.

The transmission of information from the dealer to the consumer is a key impediment to electric car uptake and optimization. The sales staff at the distributor was the initial point of contact for most electric car customers.

Dealers generate a lot of sales and are motivated by yearly, monthly, and daily sales. The company’s main goal is to conclude new car sales, servicing, and accessories.

Get your own electric car dealership 

Conduct a thorough market analysis.

Analyze the market, find out which products clients like, and assess demand. While evaluating the demand, keep in mind how your firm may be able to pull part of your consumers’ desire.

Locate a possible market.

Each company must identify its target customer. Your ideal client is a set of characteristics that all of the best clients have in common.

By identifying the ideal customer, you may design your organization to meet your requirements. The goal of your dealership’s market research is to determine if your commodity has sufficient demand or market potential.

Finally, you must assess how much income from the market can be used to attract your items and consumers.

To boost one’s sales and profits, hire a sales manager.

Clients may meet with sales personnel over the call, online, or in person. They should provide information on the charging time, battery life, and electric vehicle variety of a particular electric vehicle.

One rank higher than the salespeople, which is usually ended and numbers handled. Your aim is to reach an agreement. The marketing manager is usually the final arbiter of the vehicle’s pricing.

You should have your own manager.

The Manager would be on the top level of the dealership. They may also make decisions on infrastructure investments for electric cars. Their primary responsibility is to communicate with suppliers. They can also work in the dealership as a self-employed person or as part of a larger community.

The transaction and funds are established by the financial manager. At this point, the Financial Services Manager can create new options or services, such as warranty coverage or goods.

Organise a maintenance team.

Depending on if they are plug-in or all-electric, hybrid cars usually need little maintenance. The technician will chat with the client at some point and offer feedback here on the electric vehicle’s required maintenance.

Customers may also visit the parts and support personnel for additional information or to purchase a Tier 2 charging station.

Provide training to your employees.

Despite the numerous advantages of electric cars, that would still be inexpensive for dealership employees to sell internal combustion automobiles without any training, preparation, or advertising. With no compensation gap and fewer inquiries to respond to, the salesperson will direct their client to items that they are familiar with or that they have inherited knowledge about.

Evidence, incentives, and encouragement will change the salesperson’s mindset and allow the electric vehicle to become a part of their daily routine. Dealerships are judged on how many new automobiles they sell, how long they’ve been open, and how much they spend on extras. The distributorships are based on indicators that are determined on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

What are the requirements for opening an Electric Vehicles Dealership?

  • A showroom of roughly 1500 to 2000 square ft. You’ll need a 5-bay servicing area. Another room and infrastructure investment might put you back. They need a lot to transport a month’s worth of merchandise. You may be able to secure a home equity loan.
  • The urge to buy a month’s worth of merchandise. This will need a significant expenditure. You may get a loan from a bank to buy shares, using the stock as collateral. Recruit a solid team including at least 15 individuals. 
  • You’ll need to hire people from the company all the way down to the cleaning crew.
  • It is necessary to supply sufficient funds to cover operating expenditures, such as employment, electricity, and a generator, for a minimum of six months. Have good advertising staff to meet break even expectations.

How to get an electric car dealership in India

These are the licenses and documents required to start an electric car dealership.

  • Dealership Permit
  • Shop & Organisation Registration – first from state board GST certificate IT Accounts – for financial verification process Company Incorporation – Sole Private limited company Limited Trade Licence – from the municipal government
  • Land deeds / lease agreements that are in good standing.
  • Insurance for your company
  • Prior to then, To begin, fill out an application for an E vehicle dealership on the website of your preferred electric car provider.
  • Following your application, you will receive a response from the company requesting verification.
  • After that, one of their officials will visit your location to inspect it.
  • Following the approval, you must pay the dealership in full.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to run your own e-car dealership.


1. Can I make a profit if I have my own dealership?

Yes, you can make up to 10 lakhs depending on the sales and marketing ability of your vehicle.

2. How long will it take to make a profit?

If you take into consideration the cost involved in forming a new electric car dealership then to get back the amount invested would take 6 months.

3. Does having an electric car dealership have other benefits?

Yes, some state governments will give special tax benefits and subsidies to new electric car dealerships.

4. Is an electric car dealership a good business?

In India, electric car dealerships are just blooming and in a few years, the sales and servicing of electric cars will increase up to 10 fold. So it is a very profitable business.

5. How many electric dealerships will be there in the future?

As per government FAME II policy, the government has decided to construct charging stations every 3 km which makes the count to more than 100 to 200 dealerships in each state.


So we have covered everything that needs to be done by a person to get his own electric vehicle dealership.

Having a good team of workers who are very friendly with the consumers and having a good managerial team can help you yield profit in lakhs without worrying about any extra commitments other than the salary and other mechanical costs required for any repairs done. 

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