Top 10 Best  Electric Vehicles Charger

There are three kinds of chargers: level 1, level 2, and rapid chargers sometimes also known as level 3, with level 2 being the best electric car charger. When choosing a Level 2 Evs charger, there are a few factors to consider, but the benefit is clear.

For the great majority of individuals, Level 2 will reduce or eliminate their dependency on public charging stations, as well as the stress that comes with trying to locate an empty public station when you really need it.

Even if the battery is almost exhausted, any Level 2 charger should completely recharge your electric vehicle’s batteries overnight.

1. MeGear

This MeGear Level 1 & 2 Charger resembles the factory-supplied Level 1 charging cable that comes standard with most electric vehicles. It’s 25 feet long and comes with an adaptor to connect it into a standard three-prong, 120-volt home outlet.

If you do this, this same MeGear Level 1& 2 would charge your Electric car at the same pace as the connection that came with it. However, if you have accessibility to a 240-volt socket with such a NEMA 6-20 plug, you may use it.

Levels 1 and 2 of MeGear will increase your charging rate to 240 volts Level 2. The cheapest way to Level 2 recharging is using a gadget like this.

Megear specification

Level1 and 2 charging
Charging rate   16 amps at 240 volts
Cable length  25 feet
Type                plugin
Special feature    3 times faster than level 1


  • One of the fastest charger in the segment 
  • Power supply is also good. 
  • Price of this charger is around Rs. 15,183 /-.


  • Quality is cheap. 
  • Won’t last for longer years. 
  • Cannot connect with phone app. 

2. Enel X Juicebox

At a reasonable price, the Enel X Juice Box 40 provides everything that you need and much of what you’ll want from a Level 2 household charge station. It is UL approved, exceeds NEMA 4 requirements, and is suitable for outdoor usage.

It may be hardwired or hooked into a power outlet. It will charge every electric vehicle, pickup truck, or SUV accessible in India, including Tesla’s basic model x adapter, and it includes a three-year guarantee, as is industry standard.

Perhaps most importantly, it exceeds the magic charge-rate barrier of 40 amps, ensuring that any considerably depleted EV (present or future) can be recharged in an 8- to ten-hour specified timeframe for years to come.

The JuiceBox 40 is completed with several refined and helpful elements in addition to its basic functions. It’s simple to set up, and the 25-foot connection cord gives you plenty of options.

Enelx specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   40 amps
Cable length  25 feet
Type                Both
Special feature    Lightweight


  • One of the best good looking electric vehicle chargers. 
  • Good power output of 40 amps. 
  • Can be connected with a phone app. 


  • Little bit pricey. 
  • The price is around rs. 49,518 /-.
  • Speed of the charging is less.

3. ChargePoint

ChargePoint began its electric vehicle (EV) business by constructing public charging stations. The Home Flex is the company’s first foray into home Level 2 chargers. Home Flex includes virtually all of the features included in the Best Overall JuiceBox 40, plus a few more.

Its package is slim and attractive, and its connection clicks in with its holster or a charging port with a confident, smooth click. The holster is encircled by a gently lighting LED halo. More importantly, if it’s hardwired, Home Flex may increase the peak charging to 50 amps.

While 40 amps should be enough to charge any EV 24 / 7 for generations to follow, Home Flex will recharge a few additional current Automobiles, including a few Teslas and also the Ford Mustang Mach E, at their quickest potential pace on household Alternating Current.

Chargepoint specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   50 amps
Cable length  23 feet
Type                both
Special feature    One of the best-looking charger


  • The design is very good.
  • Power output is more than expected
  • You can purchase the charger by spending Rs. 53,333 /-


  • New to the market.
  • Brand value is very less.
  • Has some mechanical problems.

4. Grizzl – E

Another of the reasons we prefer the Grizzl-E Classic auto charging station is because it was developed and made in Canada. The Classic is available as a plug-in to save installation expenses, but it may also be hardwired.

It may be manually adjusted from 16 through 40 amps, which can save money on the installation in the near term. There’s a 24-foot connection cable included, but that’s all. There isn’t a Bluetooth connection or a phone app on this device.

However, referring to the Grizzl-E Classic as a no-frills Level 2 charger that charges your EV quickly undersells one of its major advantages. This device is constructed like a tank and comes in a dustproof, heat-resistant aluminum shell that meets NEMA 6 requirements, which means it can withstand 30 minutes of complete immersion in one meter of water.

At NEMA 4, almost all other home units are “upgraded.” This is an excellent charger for those who want to keep things simple. The Classic is well-made, comes with a three-year warranty, and is often praised for its excellent customer service.

Grizzl – E specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   40 amps
Cable length  24 feet
Type                both
Special feature    The price of this charger is average


  • Good power output.
  • Price is better than its competitors.
  • The charger will cost you Rs.34,578 /-


  • Cannot connect with mobile apps.
  • Length of charging cable is just 24 feet
  • Warranty is just 3 years.

5. Clippercreek

ClipperCreek’s plant in Auburn, California, started producing home and business chargers in 2009, and the HCS 40 Level 2 home station is also one of the greatest charges to date. The HCS-40’s charging time measurement is carried out at 32 amps in 2022, and the box that stores the circuitry is bulkier than most rivals.

Most electric cars on the road today will still be charged at their greatest rate feasible using home power, but it’s approximately 20% lower than the amount experts suggest in the long run. Aside from that, the HCS-40’s functions are still functional.

The connecting wire is 25 feet long and the casing is NEMA 4 certified for adverse conditions. It comes with an adjustable connection holster that you really can hang anywhere you want it, such as next to your electric vehicle’s charging port.

It comes with a keyed locking that secures the connection in your charging port or holster, as well as an optional cable retractor. It comes with a three-year warranty, and ClipperCreek’s customer care is well-regarded in the electric vehicle community as the best electric vehicle charger.

Clipper Creek specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   32 amps
Cable length  25 feet
Type                both
Special feature    Medium ranged output


  • Price is normal for the specs which makes it the best charger for electric vehicle.
  • Will cost more than Rs.43,109 /-
  • A 3 years warranty is good.


  • Mobile apps cannot be connected with a charger.
  • Quality of the charger is poor.
  • No brand value in india.

6. Pulsar Plus

The Pulsar Plus is a Level 2 household charging station that is ultra-compact. With 40 amps of recharging capacity and most of the desirable features, such as a 25-foot connection cord and a mobile app, it’s appropriate for outdoor usage.

If the app comes loose only with a charger, or if you don’t want to fiddle with it, you may just plug in the EV and let it charge. But it’s the Power Sharing function that sets Pulsar Plus apart from practically every other home charging station.

This enables numerous units to be connected to almost the same electrical circuit, allowing many EVs to be charged at the same time without breaking the circuit’s capacity. No additional hardware is required since built-in intelligent power management balances charging to provide the most effective energy distribution across the many chargers on the circuit.

Furthermore, Wallbox claims to be working on the ability to individually meter and bill each Pulsar Plus charger. If you live in multi-unit housing with other people, this may be your future.

Pulsar Plus specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   40 amps
Cable length  25 feet
Type                both
Special feature    Can be connected with apps


  • App connectivity is plus point.
  • Auto switch off system in case of high voltage.
  • Good build quality.


  • Charging time is more
  • Price is too high as it costs around Rs.49,518 /-
  • Specifications could have been more.

7. Siemens

Siemens has a long history of manufacturing industrial electrical equipment, and the US2 VersiCharge has regularly been regarded as one of the top Level 2 home charging points available.

The VersiCharge console or cabinet is larger than others, and its connecting cord isn’t the longest (20 feet). It would still max recharge most EVs just on market with a peak charging time of 30 amps, but it doesn’t allow much room for future expansion.

With a sturdy metal housing that resembles the ornamentation on a large Art Deco structure, the US2 VersiCharge satisfies NEMA 4 requirements for harsh weather. It even has its own specialised exterior post.

It features a big button that allow you to postpone the beginning of charging for up to eight hours when users plug it in, and it’s noted for its dependability. It’s also covered by a three-year warranty, which is the industry standard.

Siemens specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   30 amps
Cable length  20 feet
Type                both
Special feature    Excellent build quality


  • One of the best long lasting electric vehicle charger.
  • The build quality is top notch.
  • Has a good power discharge of 30 amps


  • The cable length is 20 feet only.
  • Priced very highly at Rs.45,000 /-
  • No connectivity feature.

8. Dcbel Energy

The R16 lets you charge your EV or house batteries using solar-collected Direct Current, which is by far the quickest method to charge your automobile. It can convert solar DC to ac power to power the home, and this can transform your electric vehicle into a household electricity reserve in the case of a power outage.

Up to five types of hardware used by early solar or low-carbon adopters in their houses may be integrated and replaced with the R16. If you’re still putting up your solar array, it will function as a standard Level 2 home recharge station on AC.

It comes with two charging cords and the ability to convert your electric vehicle or at least certain electric automobiles. Based on the scale of your car’s battery requirement, this might power your home for at least a whole day or two, or 5 days or more on emergency rations.

Dcbel specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   Dc Charging
Cable length  20 feet
Type                hardwired
Special feature    Can be used with solar power also


  • Even if power is not there, it can be charged using solar power.
  • App connectivity helps to monitor the charging device.
  • Excellent charging capacity.


  • Cable length is very less.
  • This is one of the costliest electric vehicle chargers priced at Rs. 3,81,500 /-.
  • Solar charging takes more time to full charge,

9. Grizzl -E  DUO

The Grizzl E Duo is an identical clone of the Grizzl-E Classic, our Best Value model. Or maybe it’s a duplicate, since the Duo includes a second 24-foot lengthy cable and connection, allowing two automobiles to be charged at the same time.

Aside from that, it’s essentially the same no-frills, durable, high-output charging station, albeit the Duo does have one unique feature.

It also has a clever power-sharing circuit that optimizes available power between both the two charging vehicles according to their individual needs, up to a total of 40 amps. As a result, each vehicle’s charge speed is maximized without the danger of a circuit being blown.

Grizzl E DUO specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   40
Cable length  24 feet
Type                Both
Special feature    Can charge 2 vehicles at once


  • Comes with two cables.
  • Can charge two vehicles without any circuit problem.
  • Charging two vehicles is also easy with this electric vehicle charger.


  • Build quality is poor.
  • It is just the upgraded version of the previous model,
  • Nothing new but even though they charge Rs. 69,000 /-

10. Blink charger

The Blink charger is a slim wall-mounted charger with a matte black finish. Because of the low-profile body, there are just a few LEDs enabling display possibilities. The HQ-150 may access the internet through cable or an additional SIM card in the commercial version.

The retail variant, on the other hand, is missing this feature. The maximum amperage is 32 amps, and it can automatically adjust for lesser batteries.

The body is climate and heat resistant, functioning in temperatures up from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Blink will include a one year warranty with this purchase, as well as a 3000 coupon redeemable at one of our commercial charging stations.

Blink specification

Level2 charging
Charging rate   32
Cable length  25 feet
Type                Both
Special feature    Excellent design


  • Excellent powering option. .
  • Can charge much faster than level 1
  • It is priced around Rs. 45,000 /-


  • Limited specs. 
  • No connecrivity option. 
  • Works in hot and cold but not more than the ideal temperature


1. Is it worthwhile to invest in a Level 2 charger?

rger will always charge faster than a Level 1 charger, which comes standard with all-electric vehicles. If a Level 2 is worth the cost money depends on where you live, how you drive, and whether you have access to the public charging stations.

2. Are all electric vehicle (EV) home adapters the same?

Level 1 chargers provide three to five miles of range each hour of charging, whereas Level 2 charges provide 12 to 60 miles per hour of charging, depending just on car and the charger.

3. What is the best electric car charger?

A Level 2 charger with just a maximum charging rate of 40 amps that plugs into the wall. This charger will be the finest for electric vehicles.

4. Is it necessary to have a fast charger?

Having a charging station in your home can simply increase your costs because they require more electricity to operate.


There are many electric vehicle chargers in the market, But if you want the best electric vehicle charges at a very good price then you have to go for these above-mentioned top 10 chargers as they have achieved the highest rating in electric vehicle charging and they have prevented accident in case of overheating.

So buy your own charger now and prevent yourself from wasting time on a level 1 charger. 

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