These Electric Vehicle Accessories Should be Purchased When Buying A New Electric Car

Whether you’ve just acquired an electric vehicle, you’re probably wondering if EV accessories and electric car accessories are really essential. Then, if you’re enjoying the advantages of not having to stop for gas as often as you used to when driving to work in your new vehicle.

Now that you own an electric vehicle, be prepared to invest in all of the accessories you’ll need to keep it working smoothly and provide a pleasant driving experience.

Electric vehicles have existed since the mid-nineteenth century. Electric car sales have been gradually growing as well.

Automobile manufacturers have observed this tendency and are striving to produce electric cars in order to remain competitive in this rapidly changing industry. What hasn’t changed is that every automobile owner has to customize their vehicle.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of 12 unique EV accessories and electric car accessories that every electric vehicle owner should have.

1. Charger For Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle charger is a first and most important item EV accessories and electric car accessories you’ll need. Rapid chargers, fast chargers, and slow chargers are the three primary types of charging equipment.

The charging rates of the units are represented by these numbers. Overnight charging is best done with slower units. Aside from the many types of charging units available, you need to think about how the cabling systems will obtain the electricity for your electric vehicle.

Consider purchasing a solar EV charger, which uses solar energy to charge your vehicle. You may also acquire units that are directly connected to your home and contribute to your power bill.

Another fantastic approach to utilize renewable electricity to generate power for your car is if your home has solar panels.

2. Toolbox For Cars

A tool kit is the most critical equipment you can get. You would always be ready during an emergency if you keep a screwdriver, a wrench, and other equipment in your vehicle.

Jumper wires and a vehicle lift are both essential tools for assisting a neighbor whose car won’t start or repairing a car tire for hours away from the home. You may acquire a variety of various automotive accessories for your new vehicle.

Air fresheners, car wipes are all essential accessories for keeping your automobile looking new for longer.

Electric cars are designed to be cleaner and more environmentally friendly in general, therefore the better you care for your automobile, the longer it will last. Perhaps your new automobile will allow you to take a cross-country journey in the coming years.

3. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Vacuum Cleaner: Keeping your car immaculate clean on something like a road trip is difficult, but a portable vacuum cleaner may help.

This lightweight, small, and simple-to-use portable gadget plugs into the 12-volt outlet in your vehicle and can take up both solid and liquid dirt.

It contains an extended tube for hard-to-reach places and a bristle tip for carpets and rugs, and it was designed specifically for the inside of your vehicle.

4. TripWorthy First Aid Supplies

Whether you’re going on a quick vacation to the beach or a longer journey to another nation, having the first aid kit in your vehicle is vital in the event of an emergency.

TripWorthy’s complete package contains high-quality medical resources and emergency supplies in a lightweight, durable carrying bag.

Antiseptic cleansing wipes, emergency blankets, and every form of the bandage should be on hand as an essential item.

5. Blanket For Electric Car

In the event of severe cold, a heated vehicle blanket will keep you warm. A very crucial piece of equipment to include in your electric vehicle accessories list if you want to avoid feeling cold while driving.

These fully electric blankets are much more effective than the vehicle’s heating and hook into the 12 V power socket with ease. If your automobile breaks down on a cold winter morning and you will have to wait for on-road help for your electric vehicle, it will keep you warm.

During the winter, this electric vehicle blanket heats up far faster than a car heater.

6. Additional Charging Wires for Electric Vehicles

When the specialized vehicle charger that comes with your vehicle stops functioning or malfunctions, it might be frustrating. An additional charging cord might be a lifesaver in such situations.

These additional charging station cables include a lengthy rubber tube to prevent the electric car charger cord from buckling.

These charging cables are composed of heat-resistant materials that prevent them from deteriorating due to overheating and extensive usage, as is common with public charging point cables.

7. Floor Jack For Electric Vehicles

Every vehicle requires the proper tools. A steel plate, a broad base, and a small triangular shape are all included in this heavy-duty electric automobile jack. When it reaches the maximum height, it also comes to a halt.

It’s ideal for any vehicle weighing or lesser than three tons. It elevates your car in minutes and is simple to operate.

It has a built-in flashlight as well as a two-way power supply. Changing your tires is simple with this electrical jack since the electric vehicle jack does all of the work for you.

8. Chargers With No Wires

To be better prepared, several electric automobiles lacked wireless phone charging options. That is a significant error for a vehicle that is all about charging, but the market has you prepared, and you can get wireless cell phone charging pads for almost every electric vehicle.

These may be simple clip-on gadgets with built-in wireless charging, such as an excellent wireless phone charger, or more complex items tailored to your vehicle.

9. Dashcam With Mirror

Despite the fact that it’s termed a dashcam, it’s far more adaptable. A 1080 p frontal camera, 720p back camera, 4.3 inches embedded touchscreen, plus night vision are included in the package.

You don’t need to remove your current rearview mirror; this one just clips onto it. The driver tiredness indicator, which appears during two hours of intense driving and can only be turned off manually, is my favorite feature. It also has an app that allows you to see videos and replay histories in real time.

10. Air Purifier For Car

With pollution levels constantly rising, a car air purifier is a must-have, especially for those who spend hours in the car every day during rush hour traffic.

The air purifier is small in size and has a three-stage filtration system that removes toxic fumes, smoke, microbes, odors, particles, pollen, animal hair, as well as other particles from the vehicle.

Mounting hardware, including a 13-foot 12V power line, is included in the box. The filters have an 8-12 month life span and can be updated without the use of tools, making long-term ownership a breeze. When you purchase a new electric vehicle, it will be an optional addition based on the pollution levels in your area.

11. Floor Mats For Electric Cars

Unlike the one which comes with the car, which is too big or unable to absorb moisture and debris, all-weather mats are by far the most helpful extras that you should acquire for your electric vehicle.

It will act as a barrier between your car’s floor as well as the mess, and all these electric car carpet mats will protect your vehicle from odors if food drops off and lingers. Because vehicle floor mats are easily detachable and cleaned, they protect your car’s floor from mud and filth, which is particularly important during the rainy season.

Anti-skidding mats, which are new to the market, ensure that the mats stay connected while driving. It’s an excellent investment, particularly if you’ve had a pet or live in an area with regular weather fluctuations.

12. Inflator For Small Tires

The Miniature Tire Inflators are among the greatest automotive attachments you can get your hands on, with an easily readable Oled screen, straightforward controls, and a controller that regulates its cooling fan.

Not only can this sleek, clever cylinder-shaped air pump inflate everything from car and motorcycle tires to balloons and inflated toys, but it also knows when the required pressure has been achieved.

When it’s time to recharge, you can do it quickly on the move using your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or a 5V 2A USB connection, and it’s certain that when you purchase a new electric car, the most required EV accessories and electric car accessories will be included.


1. When the electronic inflator fills the tire, how long would it take?

A standard electric inflator might take up to 20 minutes to inflate your balloon.

2. What’s the point of a dashcam with a mirror?

A mirror dashcam video is utilized to get a better understanding of your surroundings in order to avoid striking anything by mistake.

3. Is a floor jack for an electric vehicle a necessary accessory?

Of course, if a tire was punctured, anyone could have used the jack to automatically elevate your automobile and replace your tires.

4. Why are accessories required when purchasing an electric vehicle?

The primary purpose is to lighten the load on your vehicle, and these extras might come in handy if you run into any problems.

5. What are the advantages of owning a home charger?

Instead of relying on others, if you have an electric charger at home, you may charge your car whenever it is needed. It provides you with autonomy.


Should you purchase these EV accessories and electric car accessories when you buy a new electric car? We’ve covered all of the essential electric vehicle accessories in the preceding article.

And we’ve put all of these electric vehicle accessories and others to the test before recommending the best ones for your car. So go ahead and get these things to aid you in difficult circumstances.

You don’t have to wait for someone to assist you with this item; you can do it yourself.

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