Electric Car Number Plate in India

Green registration plates were established in December of last year, and this system is available to all recently registered and current electric vehicle owners.

A green stripe along the left-hand side distinguishes them from ordinary number plates; otherwise, the registration plates are white in front and yellow in the back. The move is part of a government’s Pathway to Zero strategy, which calls for the phase-out of gasoline and diesel automobiles by 2030.

The Indian government has previously suggested a bright green number plate for the country’s all-electric automobiles.

The National government has now urged state transportation authorities to make green number plates required for all Electric Vehicles, regardless of the year they were purchased, bringing the year-old plan into effect.

The vehicle number is expected to be spelled out in white on a green backdrop on the unique number plate. The new regulation is intended to assist offer preferential treatment to zero-emission cars, such as parking, free admission in congested areas, and a reduced toll on roads.

What kinds of vehicles will need green registration plates?

Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport as well as Highways, feels that these registration plates would encourage people to utilize electric vehicles.

Furthermore, all essential permits for cars that use alternative fuels have been eliminated. This covers CNG, methanol, and biofuel automobiles, as well as electric vehicles. All of these vehicles, including auto-rickshaws, taxis, and buses, may now travel throughout India without obtaining a permit.

Electric vehicles, like private as well as public transportation vehicles, are gaining their own set of license plates.

The Indian government said that EVs would be identified by green-colored number plates, with the first set already being distributed. Mahindra Electric’s electric automobile, the Mahindra eVerito, is the first to get the green number plates. Lithium Urban Technology, a Bengaluru-based start-up, is the first Indian firm to receive a green-number-plated vehicle.

According to the government, the greens license plate is required to differentiate battery-powered cars so that they may take advantage of special incentives designed expressly for them. Preferential parking, admission into particular “congested” zones, and anticipated toll concessions on present road networks are all advantages of the green registration number.

Different types of electric car number plates in India

All cars registered from April 1, 2019, must have an HSRP – High-Security Identification Plate, according to the Central Motor Vehicle Regulations, 1989.

Because these number plates are exclusively provided by the government, they assist to prevent car theft. They also assist in the creation of a nationwide computerized database of registered automobiles.

  • The number plate for private ICE cars is white with black text.
  • Yellow number plates with black text are used on commercial ICE vehicles.
  • The number plate of self-driving/rental ICE cars is black with yellow text.
  • A green registration plate with white letters is used by private electric vehicles.
  • Green number plates with yellow text are used on commercial electric vehicles.

Benefits on owing an greed plate registered vehicle

There are many benefits in having a green number plate for the electric cars some of them are as follows:-

Tax deductions

The main point to consider is road tax, which is mostly enforced by state governments. Road construction costs are borne by each state, and road tax is one method for them to recoup those costs.

The government suggested abolishing the road charge on new electric cars in February 2020. EV owners, on the other hand, will be likely to save a significant amount of money.

Due to government exemptions, purchasing an electric vehicle costing Rs. 10 lakhs in Chandigarh may save you roughly Rs. 75,000. Interest on buying loans is withheld under Section 80EEB.

The government provided incentives again for the purchase of electric cars in the 2020 coalition budget.

Will be compensated in accordance with the plan. From August 2020 onwards, a new section 80EEB permits interest to be subtracted from loans for such purchase of electric cars.

Special policy for free and concession on tools

The NHAI has delivered the draft fare policy to the relevant ministry of transportation & highways for comment, and it would be given to Gadkari for approval shortly. The NHAI has proposed a number of adjustments to the toll policy.

The roads ministry has contracted Boston Consultancy Groups (BCG) to design a toll policy alongside the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHAI).

Electric cars should be provided free toll in most areas, and a 50% discount on toll rates on tolls built lately, according to the draft toll plan, so that the state may encourage people to acquire EVs. The discount will be valid for the first five years after the policy is released.


1. Why does EV have green plates?

The main reason is to identify the electric vehicles from other vehicles such as private and public owned fuel vehicles.

2. How many states have recognized electric vehicles with green plates? 

In India, all 29 states have recognized electric vehicles that have Green plates. 

3. What are the special benefits offered to green number plate vehicles? 

They get benefits like tax exemption and free parking spaces in almost all the major cities.

4. Are there subsidies for these green plate vehicles?

Electric vehicles come with subsidies. You can get major benefits from buying it in a monetary way.

5. Is a green number plate necessary? 

Electric Vehicles should have been numbered please because the government has made it mandatory to find the total number of EVs in India.


There are many benefits to owning a green plate car such as free tolls, parking, special benefits, and several other things.

But the main thing is that when you use an electric car with a green number plate you will not only save on fuel price but also at the same time you will save the future of our society and environment.

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