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Electric vehicles have become the best most of transport economically and the electric vehicles have achieved a new height not only in the sales market also in the stock market. In the last 2 years, electric vehicles have achieved a great increase in price in the stock market and now the prices have gone beyond expectation. 

Because the Indian EV business is still in its early phases, there is no clear market leader across all vehicle types. In the two-wheeler category, there are ten or more large firms, which produce three or four-wheelers along with public transport vehicles, and some in vehicle manufacture.

The drive for electric cars has been one of the tactics used to fight these fuel vehicles. Not only will this benefit the environment, but it will also benefit India’s general economic health. India now imports crude oil, which results in a $60 billion trade imbalance. We will take a good look into all these events stocks and about EV and their penny stocks. 

Why Electric and What is the plan ahead?

At COP26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set ambitious climate change goals. India’s transportation industry is one of the country’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular in India, although they still account for only around 1.66 per cent of overall vehicle sales. Four-wheeler ownership is notably low, accounting for barely 0.1 per cent of total automobile sales.

India pledged at COP26 to decrease its pollutants to net-zero by 2070, with emissions intensity estimated to fall by 45 per cent by 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

Given that India’s transportation industry is one of the country’s largest producers of greenhouse gases, it’s important to see how quickly electric cars can replace conventional automobiles. The government is also giving the people more benefits for buying electric vehicles to boost the sale of EV’s in all forms. 

Leading Electric Vehicles Company in India

The following are India’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers:

1) Mahindra electric

In India, Mahindra is a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles. Its first EV, the Mahindra Reva, was introduced in 2001, making it the first significant EV manufacturer. India’s first electric automobile was the Mahindra Reva. Mahindra has established a specialised R&D facility in Bengaluru throughout the years.

The Mahindra E20 and eVerito are two of the company’s other electric vehicles. Mahindra, on the other hand, has focused not only on the production of electric vehicles, but also on battery packs, and has cooperated with a number of institutions to promote EV charging.

2) Tata motors 

Tata Motors is India’s largest automaker. Its automobile division includes the production of automobiles, utility vehicles, buses, lorries, and defence vehicles. Jaguar Range Rover and Tata Daewoo are two of its affiliate firms. When it comes to electric vehicles, though, Tata is a newcomer compared to Mahindra.

Tata has four cars to choose from when it refers to four-wheelers. The Nexon EV, Tigor Electric vehicle, Nano EV, and Tiago electric variants are all-electric vehicles. Tata expects demand from state transportation unions in the electric bus category. In the long run, the predicted requirement is estimated to reach over 400,000 buses.

3) Hyundai

Hyundai is one of the leading car manufacturers who has started its electric vehicle journey With the debut of the Hyundai Kona EV in India, Hyundai made a splash in the Indian EV market.

Kona was particularly built to fit Indian operating circumstances, according to this Korean global car manufacturer. One of the vehicle’s selling points is its 452-kilometre range on a single charge.

Hyundai has stated that yet another EV is being developed with costs in consideration in order to satisfy the mainstream market. This electric vehicle is scheduled to hit the industry in the next two to three years.

4) Ashok Leyland

To meet the country’s e-mobility demands, Ashok Leyland has designed electric variations tailored for Indian circumstances and has also offered battery switching in electric buses. It has introduced a number of electric bus models, including the Circuit, HYBUS, Electric European 6 Truck, and the iBUS.

Ashok Leyland is the world’s fourth-largest bus manufacturer and India’s truck industry leader. Sun Mobility has partnered with the firm to help it expand its automotive expertise.

5) Maruthi suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest vehicle manufacturer. It hasn’t, however, released any of its own electric vehicles. The stock price of the corporation is expected to soar when it releases its first electric vehicle.

In the second quarter of 2021, the business will release an electric version of its legendary Maruti Suzuki waggon R.

In addition, the business intends to build a large number of electric energy plants across India. And this might be a perfect time to invest in electric vehicle stocks like this one.

6) Hero motocorp

Hero is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. It owns 34.58 per cent of Ather Energy, a Bangalore-based electric vehicle company. Ather Energy has spent moreover 630 crores on its new scooter facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

The facility, which covers approximately 4 lakh square feet, has already begun selling scooters in Bangalore.

Hero MotoCorp is the first significant corporation to invest in the two-wheeler electric vehicle market. Ather Energy’s two-wheelers cost more than one lakh rupees, making hero stocks the finest investments.

Electric Car Companies Stock In India

Investors can’t keep their eyes off firms even vaguely associated with this field, even if it’s a loss-making company since the Indian government is firing pistons for electrifying the vehicle sector.

As we all know, the auto industry will not be the only one to profit from this megatrend. Opportunities exist in a variety of businesses. Numerous stocks have become proxies for investors hoping to participate in the worldwide electric vehicle boom.

NoCompany nameMarket cap in crores
1Hero MotoCorp Ltd.54,393.98 Cr
2.Ashok Leyland Ltd.39,981.88 Cr
3Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.10,767.17 Cr
4.Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.104,583.57 Cr
5Exide Industries Ltd.14,543.50 Cr
6.Himadri Speciality2,664.62 Cr
7.Vedanta Ltd.132,425.22 Cr
8Hindalco Industries Ltd118,032.68 Cr
9Tata Motors Ltd.166,212.97 Cr
10Tata Chemicals Ltd.24,391.64 Cr
11Greaves Cotton Ltd.4,882.73 Cr
12Graphite India Ltd.10,533.68 Cr
13Hindustan Copper Ltd.13,296.58 Cr
14Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.258,172.72 Cr
16JBM Auto Ltd7,068.58 Cr

Electric vehicle companies in India listed in NSE

Stocks in electric vehicles are sometimes known as EV stocks. Even though you’re not a stock market investor, it is tough to ignore the conversation surrounding the Indian EV sector, which will see almost Rs 94,000 crores spent within the next five years.

EV stocks include companies that make electric buses, electric trucks, electric scooters, and other electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging & battery manufacturing firms are also EV stocks.

Electric Vehicle companies in NSEMarket price (Cr)
Reliance Industries LtdRs. 16,07,023 /-
TVS Motor Company LtdRs. 1,76,252 /-
Tata Motors Ltd Rs. 1,76,252 /-
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Rs. 1,05,326 /-

Electric vehicle companies in India listed in BSE

In India, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Alarming levels of pollution and increasing fuel prices are pushing the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, making EV stocks the hottest trend.

Finding the right company to ride the wave could be difficult, as some companies have amassed enormous money and their values have skyrocketed. And we will look at a few electric vehicle companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Electric Vehicles in BSMCompany Market price
JBM Auto Ltd Rs. 1,354.75 /-
TATA MOTORSRs. 471.10 /-
HyundaiRs. 1,77,500 /-
Maruti SuzukiRs. 8365 /-
Mahindra Rs. 824.65 /- 

List of Top EV Stocks in India for Investors

NoCompany nameStock priceMarket cap in crores
1Hero MotoCorp Ltd.Rs. 2635 /-54,393.98 Cr
2.Ashok Leyland Ltd.Rs. 123.70 /-39,981.88 Cr
3Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.Rs. 576.87 /-10,767.17 Cr
4.Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.Rs. 821.45 /-104,583.57 Cr
5Exide Industries Ltd.Rs. 156 /-14,543.50 Cr
6.Himadri SpecialityRs. 55 /-2,664.62 Cr
7.Vedanta Ltd.Rs. 361.40 /-132,425.22 Cr
8Hindalco Industries LtdRs. 520.15 /-118,032.68 Cr
9Tata Motors Ltd.Rs. 471 /-166,212.97 Cr
10Tata Chemicals Ltd.Rs.883.55 /-24,391.64 Cr

Small cap electric vehicle stocks

A small-cap firm electric vehicle stock may be defined as one having a market valuation of $300 million to $2 billion. By focusing on growth possibilities, small-cap investors hope to outperform institutional investors.

Small-cap stocks have beaten large-cap companies in the past, but they are also more unpredictable and risky.

Company NameStock price
Mahindra & Mahindra LimitedINR 870
Tata Motors LimitedINR 505
Maruti Suzuki IndiaINR 8,597
Olectra GreentechINR 874
Amara Raja BatteriesINR 640
Graphite IndiaINR 550
High Energy BatteriesINR 2,438

Electric vehicle penny stocks list

Vehicles that run on electricity also have Penny stocks, rising securities with a limited market valuation that exchange for a low share price outside of major exchanges.

Investors checking accounts using top brokerage firms who specialise in these high profitability companies with the aim of making the best decisions possible.

Company NameStock price
Tata Power Company LimitedINR 257
Ashok LeylandINR 138
Exide IndustriesINR 174
Indian Oil CorporationINR 125
Himadri Speciality ChemicalINR 66


1) What is Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange 

They are India’s two main stock exchanges, with over 5000 businesses trading their shares. In simple terms, the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange provides a marketplace for investors to purchase and sell shares in publicly traded companies.

2) What is the job of SEBI and what does it do?

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a regulatory body provision of Section 3 of the SEBI Act of 1992 to preserve legitimate rights and interests, encourage market development, and regulate the market.

3) Will buying these stocks benefit us?

Buying these stocks will help you increase your invested amount in a few years as the electric vehicle sector is a rising sector in our Indian stock market.

4) Which stock is the best to buy in 2022?

The best stock that you can buy in 2022 is the stock of Maruti Suzuki, it will give you great returns. 

5) Which stock is the cheapest ev stock?

The cheapest of all ev stocks is Himadri Speciality Chemical as it costs only Rs.66 per stock. 


After firms began producing electric cars, the stock market has experienced a significant rise in investment in recent years. The entire market capitalization of electric vehicle stocks has risen to several billion dollars.

There are many stocks in the Indian market that you may buy, but if you want to buy stocks that will give you a higher return or penny stocks, this article will list every stock ranging in price from low to high that will offer you a good return.

The stock market has seen a huge increase in the price of electric vehicles in the last two years, and prices have now surpassed expectations.

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