Convert Old Fuel Car to Electric Car[Step Guides]

So if you have landed on this site then it is sure that you are looking for ways to convert your petrol or diesel vehicle into an electric one. Most of the people who want to buy an electric but at the same time they want to keep their old car they switch to converting to ev. 

There are also some other reasons that may force individuals to convert their fuel vehicles to battery-powered vehicles.  

Owner of the main reason why people are moving towards electric vehicles is that it is more economical and it cost very less to service the vehicle and the cost for the price of traveling is very low compared to diesel and petrol vehicles. Yeah, we will look into all the ways through which you can convert your vehicle to an electric one. 

Why convert old fuel cars to electric cars now?

This question may arise in your mind if you are thinking about converting your car or bike. The price of petrol diesel and gas has been increasing every day and it’s being a burden on people. It is time that you switch to electric because you convert your cost into electric ones because it will make you more efficient and it will save you a lot of money. 

There is also one more reason why people want to convert their real causes into electric ones. Recently in the year 2021, the government announced a new rule that vehicles manufactured before certain years should not be used and if used they will be punished.

What is the Benefit to Converting Fuel Cars to Electric

  • You may be an old vehicle user. It may be 40 years older 30 years older or even 20 years old which is against government rule for pollution control. If you convert your old vehicle to a full electric vehicle then you can use the old bike and car without worrying about your car if it is old. 
  • Converting electric cars also has many benefits like enhancing the lifetime of your vehicle. 
  • Increase the efficiency and range of vehicles. 
  • The main thing you need to know is converting the vehicle is really beneficial  in terms of efficiency. 

Which Vehicle is Best for Converting EV

 So if your or is dated back 10 to 15 years then you should try converting your car into an electric one to have the car for a longer period of time. Now we will look into What vehicles can be converted into an electric one

  • Old Petrol and diesel cars. 
  • Old Bikes and scooters.

What is the expense of transformation?

  • There are a couple of organizations in India that embrace Electric vehicle changes at a cost scope of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh.
  • Hyderabad-based startup ETrio is now changing over ICE diesel and petroleum based Maruti Alto and DZire to electric vehicles. These vehicles can approach 150 km on a solitary charge. 
  • The cost for change is Rs 4 lakh, despite the fact that ETrio offers shoppers the choice to rent the pack or purchase an electric vehicle straightforwardly from them.

The complete expense of the pack is anyplace between Rs 60,000 and Rs 80,000.

Where can I convert my fuel car to EV?

In India, a few companies provide electric vehicle conversions for between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 6 lakh. ETrio, a company located in Hyderabad, is already converting ICE diesel and petrol-powered Maruti Alto and DZire vehicles to electric vehicles.

These vehicle conversions can give you a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. The conversion costs Rs 4 lakh, but ETrio provides customers the option of leasing the equipment or purchasing an electric vehicle straight from them.

Top 10 electric car conversion providers 

  1. E-Trio
  3. Maruti suzuki
  4. Electric Vehicle India
  5. Bosch
  6. TadPole Projects
  10.  REXNAMO

There are 3 types of EV conversion

  • BEV
  • PHEV
  • HEV

BEV vehicles are very environmentally friendly and they are zero-emission vehicles. 

PHEV These vehicles are an advanced model of BEV vehicle because These vehicles can be charged and at the same time it supports regenerative braking and it makes some energy itself

HEV, these vehicles are normally known as HEV vehicles because they support both electric and fuel modes. This mode is suitable only for cars that are released recently. 

The step-by-step process of converting fuel vehicles into an electric vehicles

The first challenge that we face while converting our fuel vehicle into an electric one is removing the engine and installing the electric propulsion system into the petrol, diesel, or gas-powered vehicle. 

Installing the electric motor and battery requires more modification to the vehicle’s inner body. The second problem that is here is the battery because most people want more km but they are not ready to pay more so having a good battery is a good choice. Then that of a spot is making the charger spot in a fuel-powered vehicle. 

In simple terms, they will remove all the pollutant parts from the car and use the body of the car and the required for it to convert it into an electric one with a battery motor and other parts needed for conversion. 

Conversion kit

Let’s look into what a conversion kit is. There are some companies that give you this electric vehicle conversion kit. The kit consists of a motor battery cable controller and a cable harness. 

Step guides

  • Remove the source vehicle’s engine, gas tank, exhaust system, clutch, and the radiator.
  • Mount the motor on an adapter plate attached to the transmission.
  • For best efficiency, an electric motor is required. Pinning the current manual gearbox in first or second gear. 
  • Find a spot for all the batteries and create mounts to keep them secure. Put the batteries in place. Covered batteries have the benefit of being able to be flipped on its sides and fit into a variety of spaces.
  • If the automobile has power steering, connect the power steering unit to an electric motor and install it.
  • If the automobile has air conditioning, connect the blower to a power source. 
  • Mount a vacuum pump to activate the brake amplifier if the automobile has power braking.
  • Connect the charging system and install a direct current to Direct current converter. 
  • Install voltmeter in the place of the gas gauge to detect the battery percentage. 
  • Connect the potentiometers to the accelerator pedal.
  • Reconfigure the spark switch to turn on all of the new components, along with the circuit.

Two wheeler fuel to EV conversion

 Conversion kit

Let’s take a closer look at what a bike conversion kit is. This electric bike conversion kit is being provided by a few firms. A motor battery cable controller and a cable harness are included in the package. It’s not as difficult for bikes as it is for cars; simply rewire the vehicle and attach the electric motor, battery, and charging port.

  • HALLOMOTOR Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits
  • BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit
  • EBIKELING Direct Drive Waterproof E Bike Kit
  • BAFANG Mid Motor Ebike Conversion Kit

Step guides

  • Remove the engine and old battery from the bike. 
  • Connect the charging system and install a direct current to Direct current converter. 
  • Install voltmeter in the place of the gas gauge to detect the battery percentage. 
  • Charge the bike and start travelling. 


1) Is there any reasonable registered service center in Noida for Honda Activa petrol to electric conversion?

Yes, Dharam any reasonable registered service centers in Noida for Honda Activa petrol to electric conversion the best of them is Booma Innovative Transport Solutions Renewable will offer an electric kit for petrol two-wheelers.

2) Which car is better: hybrid or full electric? 

The fully electric vehicle is better for everyone as it will not cause any pollution, and will be very efficient. 

3) Is it possible to convert my ancient automobile to run on electricity?

Old cars are the best ones to convert to electric due to phasing-out initiatives. To know if the car can be converted to electric, contact a professional.

4) Is it unlawful in India to change a car’s engine?

Your Regional Transport Office (RTO) will need to approve the modification of your car’s engine before you change it.

5) Is it feasible to modify a gasoline or gasoline vehicle to run on electricity?

Using a converting tool, you can convert a gasoline or diesel car into a


In the year 2022, it’s time for everyone to go for electric vehicle conversion with electric conversion kit with this creative and convert your vehicles at your home itself or if you want a better service you can utilize the service center which is provided with the companies that are mentioned above for bikes and cars.

The electric vehicle conversion cost is just 4 to 6 lacs which is an average and after converting you will get a range of up to 300 km per charge and you will be able to use your old car without throwing it as scrap.

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