Electric Car Number Plate in India

Green registration plates were established in December of last year, and this system is available to all recently registered and current electric vehicle owners. A green stripe along the left-hand side distinguishes them from ordinary number plates; otherwise, the registration plates are white in front and yellow in the back. The move is part of … Read more

Electric Vehicle Policy in India

India is one of the world’s major importers of carbon fuels, with crude oil exceeding INR 8,800,000 million for FY 2019–20, up 42% from the previous year, with imports set to hit three-year highs in 2020. Transportation is the largest source of 2.5-micron fine particulates, which causes pulmonary and respiratory ailments, and approximately twenty-two Indian … Read more

Electric Car Safety Features That Save Your Life

Electric cars are now the most sophisticated automobiles on the road. These automobiles come with a slew of safety features that are either standard or optional add-ons. Modern sophisticated technologies are satisfied with the safety net that these cars have built-in. A multitude of cameras and sensors are used to provide safety features. These components … Read more

How Electric Car Air Conditioners Work

The only source of energy for electric cars is the power source battery pack (EVs). As a result, the goal of electric automobile air conditioners is to chill and warm the atmosphere in the passenger cabin while using minimal energy from the battery. In 2022, electric vehicles will be in high demand. On the tech … Read more

Electric Vehicle Charging Station In India, How To Start Electric Vehicle Charging And Cost,

The Centre stated that it plans to install at least 22,000 electric vehicle charging stations around the country, making use of the country’s 70,000 gas stations. Oil firms such as Indian Oil Corporation and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited have indeed agreed to build 17,000 electric vehicle charging stations using their outlets over the next several … Read more

Battery Management System For Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming an essential and required element of the global automotive ecosystem. It is critical to comprehend some of the primary components of an Electric Vehicle that aid in the efficient operation and operation of the vehicle. One such component is the battery pack, which accounts for over 40% of the total … Read more

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers In India

One of the major factors that are driving the rise and demand for Lithium-Ion batteries is the increasing popularity of electric automobiles. Rising EV sales across the nation, particularly in the 2 wheelers and 3 wheeler segments, have increased the demand to a greater extent. Lithium batteries have transformed how they are utilized due to … Read more

Best Electric Air Pump For Car

A flat tire is something that almost everyone has experienced. Though we do our best to keep our automobile tires at the proper air pressure, a flat tire can happen anywhere, at any time! One device that saves the day is an Electric Car Tyre Air Pump, which spares us from the hassle of being … Read more

Ev powertrain All About

Welcome to EV powertrain components here you will know everything about what a powertrain is. The powertrain is a device that is a combination of several other parts that is used to convert the energy into a running force. We will also look about the drivetrain and here you will know about all the important … Read more