Silverado EV Range, Price, Features

The first fully electric Chevy Silverado has arrived and is ready to power up every business. It was built specifically to deliver the Ultium power to the vehicle that all around the world rely on. It has a range of 400 miles on a fully charged battery. With this ev you can transport, pull, or … Read more

USA Best Insurance For EV Cars

Everyone wants to insure their car to ensure better safety people go for insurance. Insurance will cover the majority of your losses in case the accident is not that hectic. Ensuring your electric vehicles is any as buying an electric vehicle costs you more in case of an accident the cost for repairing will also … Read more

Best Electric Pickup Truck in India Right Now

Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric

Electric trucks are cargo-transporting vehicles that are powered by battery packs. Electric trucks are becoming increasingly popular. The sale of electric trucks has surged with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries.  Electric trucks are also being encouraged by the government as a means of reducing emissions. Electric trucks are highly efficient and are created to have … Read more

Best 7 seater electric cars in 22022

We all know electric cars take the place of petrol and diesel vehicles. Different types of cars such as sedan, hatchback, SUV, and muv. But everyone wants to get a MUV or SUV as it is a family car. But before buying an electric car we should know certain things about these cars to meet … Read more

Best electric cars in India

The Best Electric Cars in India are still a long way away from commercial production, but we can look at the best models that are currently available. As the name suggests, these cars are electric, meaning that they do not need to be refueling like a conventional vehicle. Despite their high price tag, EVs are … Read more

What is Electric Car? How does it work

Hello readers, In this article, we will discuss the brand new Electric car which is the very best and most awesome invention of 21st century. This Electric car can be helpful both of the sides either globally or manually, by globally it helps us to reduce pollution rate and make the environment clean and fresh … Read more