Tata Electric Car Price In India

Electric car sales in India have been slowly but gradually increasing. According to figures from the Confederation of Automobile Dealers Associations, the passenger electric vehicle category sold 2,352 units in February 2022, up 58 percent from January and a staggering 297 percent from the previous year (FADA). While the industry is still in its adolescence, … Read more

Upcoming electric cars in India 2022 under 10 lakh

Since their introduction into the automobile industry, electric vehicles have been more effective and more economical, as they outperform internal combustion in many respects. They are environmentally benign, create no noise, and have a greater economy than petrol and diesel engines. When it comes to buying a car, most people choose electric vehicles. This is … Read more

Electric Toy???? Cars [Right Now] That You Love???? It

For decades, electric toy vehicles, sometimes called battery-powered drivable cars, have become so popular with kids, and they’re just getting better. Most kids have at least a passing interest in driving a powered vehicle around the yard or around the neighborhood, whether that’s a Barbie doll branded Power Wheel coaster for little children or an … Read more

Top 12 best safest Electric Car Right Now That Saves Your Life

When looking for a new car, reliability and trustworthiness are two of the most crucial factors to consider. While electric vehicles are regarded as being among the most dependable vehicles available, it’s natural to ask how safe they are in comparison to traditional vehicles. The excellent thing is that almost all-electric vehicles receive high safety … Read more

Best Electric Suv

Several electric vehicles have progressed a long way over the past days of tiny, cheap, and sometimes unpopular Electrons with limited range and poor performance. However, the majority of modern EVs are fantastic high-performance vehicles that meet all of the needed criteria and have a long-range. Electric vehicles now account for a small proportion of … Read more

How To Open An Electric Car Charging Station In India

Electric vehicles are the best alternative for fuel vehicles and they are available at a very low cost and ecologically beneficial alternative to gasoline and diesel automobiles. The term “electric vehicle” refers to any vehicle that operates partially or entirely on electricity. These cars operate on battery packs or a mix of fuel and electricity … Read more

Vinfast Electric car Price  and Features


VinFast showcased five vehicles at CES. Their insides have all been designed by Pininfarina, a renowned Italian design firm, and the Vietnamese firm will sell them using a unique ownership method. The car will be purchased, but the battery will be leased. VinFast claims that this technique will enable the business to restore any batteries … Read more

Electric Vehicle Registration Guides in India।RTO Rules For Electric Vehicles In India

The legislation and rules regulating electric cars in India have long been a source of consternation. It’s difficult to keep track of constant changes.  The Indian government has done a tremendous job of creating all of the rules user-friendly and encouraging the use of electric cars rather than traditional automobiles. The Automotive Research Association of … Read more