Best portable electric car jack in 2022

If you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t get help, planning for emergencies is a good idea. Flat tires are a typical problem that many car owners have to deal with. You never know when you’ll have a flat tire.

Always have the finest electric car jack in your car to prevent being stuck on the road. These are incredible pieces of equipment that are now taking the place of traditional automobile jacks.

Electric automobile jacks, unlike manual jacks, are simple to operate and do not require you to lie on the ground. These jacks also have an ergonomic design that makes lifting your automobile for tire changes quick and simple. With such a large selection of electric vehicle jacks in the market, we’ll assist you in selecting the best electric jack for your needs.

1) Quick product JQ

This is a typical electric automobile jack with a 2.25cm diameter, which is the most appropriate jack size. It is simple and practical to fit into any existing vintage automobile jack mounting holes due to its large width. The JQ 3500 jack can raise a whole car weighing less than 3650 pounds. The jack’s strong design makes it excellent for lifting both small and big vehicles. However, any truck weighing more than 3650 pounds should not be raised. 

Quick product JQ Specification

PriceRs. 10,227.61
Made fromRobust  stainless steel
lifting capacity3650 lbs
lifting time2 minutes
Lifting height50 cm
Extra featureBuilt-in LED light


  • It can lift up to 3 .5 tonnes without any strain on the jack. 
  • It is made from very high tensile steel. 
  • It’s just 2.25 cm in diameter. 


  • It takes 2 minutes to lift the car.
  • Its cost is very high. 
  • Led light is not that bright. 

Special feature

  • Build in led light for night
  • Only 2.25 CM size. size
  • Rotating thread rod. 

2) ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack Set

ROGTZ is one of the most liked, utilized, and strong electric vehicle jacks on the market, and it’s also one of the most affordable. ROGTEZ is the finest choice for SUVs and sedans weighing less than 3 tonnes; as a result, this jack can lift both light and big vehicles.

ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack Set Specification

PriceRs. 8919.91/-
Made fromDurable stainless steel
lifting capacity3 Tonnes
lifting time2 minutes
Lifting height42 cm
Extra featureBuilt-in torchlight


  • The price is good 
  • It lifts the car up to 42 cm. 
  • Best suitable for SUV. 


  • Can only  lift 3 tonnes, 
  • It requires a 12 v 2-way power supply. 
  • Cannot be used manually in case their isis no power. 

Special feature

  • iit has an overload defence mechanism. 
  • Self locking
  • Night light. 

3) Bulldog Black Reese A-Frame Power Jack 4000

Bulldog Reese’s electric car jack ensures high-quality service.  This one can accommodate both large and small vehicles, the electric vehicle jack is easy to install and use, the electric vehicle jack’s general design makes it easy to travel and store. This bulldog has an eye-catching design that is both fashionable and refined. In the event that the battery dies, the stud also has a manual override.

Bulldog Black Reese A-Frame Power Jack 4000 Specification

PriceRs. 20,201.54/-
Made fromDurable stainless steel
lifting capacity4000 lbs
lifting time2 .5 minutes
Lifting height22 inches
Extra feature3 LED lights


  • It comes with14 different levels. 
  • It lifts the car up to 4000 lbs. 
  • Switch to manual overdrive in case the battery fails. 


  • It only offers a Single axle for better stability
  • Quality is very low. 
  • It weighs only 24 pounds and is less durable. it is very costly. 

Special feature

  • It comes with 3 led lights. 
  • More durable axle. 
  • Comes with all purpose tool kit. 

4) BestEquip Electric Scissor Jack

The automobile boaster comes with both a high and low saddle to fit SUVs and sedans. Only 12V DC is required for the electric automobile jack. This automobile jack is the best available on the market right now. The vehicle is perfect for displaying a variety of automobiles. The 6600-pound electric automobile jack saves time and energy very efficiently. 

BestEquip Electric Scissor Jack Specification

PriceRs. 9,055/-
Made fromstainless steel construction for durability
lifting capacity6000 lbs
lifting time3 minutes
Lifting height22 inches
Extra featurenight lights


  • It has 100w lifting power. 
  • It has both High and low saddles. 
  • It comes with a wrench for changing tires. 


  • It can lift only 3 feet. 
  • It only has a 4 m electric cable for power. 
  • It is only a 15 amp powerlifter. 

Special feature

  • Only 3 minutes to lift a truck. . 
  • Does not break if used more. 
  • Auto locking system. 

5) Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black

This Lippert jack is a basic boaster that is both electric and simple to operate. We can’t afford to make compromises when it comes to its safety. The connector has a push button that ensures that the machine is safe to use. Both novices and professionals may use the gadget. The machine is extremely beneficial and simple to use during the night. Because it includes up to four LED lights, it can produce great and distinctive brightness.

Lippert Power Tongue Jack Black Specification

PriceRs. 13,896.65/-
Made fromstainless steel
lifting capacity3500 pounds
lifting time2  minutes
Lifting height20 inches
Extra feature4 led lights


  • They offer 4 led lights to make the night look like morning. 
  • It comes with a manual crank handle and a mounting hardware
  • It can lift your vehicle up to 20 inches. 


  • The lights are not that long-lasting. 
  • The price is too high for its features. 
  • Cannot lift the weight above 3500 pounds. 

Special feature

  • Auto stopping feature after receiving the height. 
  • 4 led lights with extra tool set. 
  • Can be used manually also. 

6) MarchInn Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

This jack is one of the fastest electric vehicle jacks on the market, capable of lifting a car in under one minute, which is impossible with traditional jacks. The screw can be removed fast and easily, and the tire may be changed without any effort.

The electric auto jack is capable of lifting vehicles weighing up to 6600 pounds. It’s a good thing you have to carry large automobiles with pressures that are higher than recommended.

MarchInn Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack Specification

PriceRs. 9,341/-
Made fromToughened stainless steel
lifting capacity6600 pounds
lifting time1 minute
Lifting height6.1 to 17.7 inches
Extra featureComes with a pressure gauge


  • In just one min you can lift your cast. 
  • Stable and faster performance compared to other electric jacks. 
  • Comes with an inbuilt pressure gauge. 


  • Can only carry 6600 pounds. 
  • It is not worth the price.
  • Not that compact to carry around. 

Special feature

  • It comes with pressure gauge
  • Will prevent damage automatically in case of power surge. 
  • Works better even in hot temperature. 

7) Marchhine  Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack And Tire Inflator 

Marchhine can raise a car weighing up to 5 tonnes, something that standard machines cannot do. A 340N.M power tongue with 12V DC is also included with the electric vehicle jack. The system can complete a car in minutes, making tire replacement exceedingly simple and quick.

For convenient storage, the electric engine jack boasts a compact and ergonomic design. For simple handling and storage, the machine is designed with a sturdy and elegant briefcase.

Marchhine  Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack And Tire Inflator

PriceRs. 13,641/-
Made fromStainless steel
lifting capacity11000 pounds
lifting time1 minute
Lifting height6.1 to 20 inches
Extra featureconsists  of pressure gauge


  • It can lift a weight of 5 tonnes. 
  • Most efficient car jack in India. 
  • The pressure gauge tells us the pressure taken by the jack. 


  • Its quality is average. 
  • It is not long-lasting for years. 
  • It is big to carry everywhere in your car. 

Special feature

  • It consists of an inbuilt pressure gauge. 
  • It has a portable storage case. 
  • Safety switch for better protection.

8) Pilot Automotive 2-Ton Electric Car JJack

The Pilot scissor jack has a capacity of 2 tonnes and is powered by a 12-volt cigarette converter with an 8 feet wire.

A heavy-duty 15 amp, fully oiled Electric motors, and spinning pulley power Pilot Automotive’s electric car jack, which has a built-in fuse box to safeguard your car’s cabling from overloading.

Pilot Automotive 2-Ton Electric Car JJack Specification

PriceRs. 12,330/-
Made fromHigh Tensile steel
lifting capacity4000 pounds
lifting Tim3 minutes
Lifting height5 to 14inches
Extra featuresize is smaller


  • It has a lifting capacity of 4000 pounds. 
  • It is manufactured using high tensile strength Steel to prevent external damage.
  • It comes with a 12-volt cigarette lighter adaptor. 


  • The time required for lifting the car is high. 
  • Can only lift the car a few inches from the ground. 
  • no Unique features as of the price

Special feature

  • Rust and weather resistant. 
  • Auto function locker if weight is beyond its capacity to prevent damage. 
  • Can carry upto 2 tonnes. 

9) ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

This ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack is great for roadside emergencies for any car, van, or SUV. In just 5 minutes, you can change your tire and be back on the road. This is an extremely portable, compact, and easy operate jack.

Keep the Jack safe from water because it is not waterproof. This Jack is normally used to lift cars, trucks,s and even vans. 

ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack Specification

PriceRs. 6,900/-
Made fromDurable stainless steel and plastic
lifting capacity3 tonnes
lifting Tim5 minutes
Lifting height17.5 inches
Extra featureSafety valve


  • This Jack is one of the cheapest Jack available.
  • 3 tonnes is very good for a Jack that cost very less
  • It comes with a safety valve with locks itself in case of failure. 


  • The build quality is very poor. 
  •  it will break if you carry the Jack by holding the pressure rod. 
  • Unique features as of the price

Special feature

  • Comes with two saddle heads. 
  • Safety wall to ensure protection. 
  • Can lift even suv. 
  1. JANVITHA DC 12V 3 Tons Electric Hydraulic Car Jack 

An electric hydraulic jack with a lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes. It’s a multifunction tool package that’ll take care of all those punctured tire needs while you’re stuck. Because of its considerable lifting capacity, it can replace tires from tiny compact cars to bigger vehicles.

A set of gloves, an impact sledgehammer, wrenches, and screwdriver sockets are included with the package. It may be powered by a 12 V vehicle cigarette lighter or a car battery, making it extremely handy to use.

JANVITHA DC 12V 3 Tons Electric Hydraulic Car Jack Specification

PriceRs. 13,000/-
Made fromDurable stainless steel
lifting capacity5 tonnes
lifting Tim2.5 minutes
Lifting height450 mm
Extra featureLed light with build in tire inflator pump


  • Jack can list 5 tonnes easily. 
  • This car Jack is made from rust-free material. 
  • The tire inflator pump helps to fill the air in tires. 


  • Can lift the car for only 450 mm. 
  •  Price could have been lesser. 
  • It takes 2.5 minutes to lift the vehicle. 

Special feature

  • It is worth every penny spent. 
  • Built in tyre inflator pump. 
  • Better durability and led light support.

11)GOGOLO 5.0T Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack Kit High Lift

This Jack can raise your automobile in about a moment, and the equipment included with it may help you remove screws and replace a tire without becoming stopped on the road.

This jack is simple to use, can meet a variety of daily demands, and is an essential tool for cars. Additionally, the machine will quit functioning if it lifts above the maximum height it can lift. 

GIGOLO 5.0T(11000lb) Capacity Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack Kit High Lift Specification

PriceRs. 8,602/-
Made fromstainless steel and plastic
lifting capacity5 tonnes
lifting Tim45 seconds
Lifting height155 mm
Extra featuretire inflator pump


  • Fastest electric car jack which lifts the car under 1 minute. 
  • It has a torque capacity of 340 nm. 
  • Two-way electricity system from the battery or the cigarette lighter adaptor. 


  • It weighs about 7 kg. 
  •  It is made from plastic and metal. 
  • Can only lift the car up to155 mm. 

Special feature

  • It will function as a sports cars Jack. 
  • Extra safety lock. 
  • Comes with a led light and flat tyre inflator. .

12)  KINGCAV 5Tons Electric Hydraulic Tool Car Jack

This jack is really for fresh edition electric cars and also has 2 lifting rods, one of which can reach a height of 6.1 to 17.7 inches and the other of which can reach a height of 9.25-20.87 inches.

It is suitable for large SUVs, trucks, vans, MPVs, and other vehicles. It can only lift a maximum of 5 tonnes. The jack’s self-locking mechanism can avoid the automobile from collapsing unexpectedly, ensuring the car’s and the user’s safety.

KINGCAV 5Tons Electric Hydraulic Tool Car Jack Specification

PriceRs. 14,000/-
Made fromDurable stainless steel
lifting capacity5 tonnes
lifting Tim1 minute
Lifting height6.1 inches to 20.8 inches
Extra featureEmergency safety lock


  • It comes with an emergency safety lock system. 
  • It has a torque of 480 nm. 
  • It can lift your car in 1 minute. 


  • It cost around Rs. 14,000/-.
  • Input voltage is 12 v DC. 
  • The power provided is just 80 w. 

Special feature

  • It can lift your car to a greater extent. 
  • It weighs only 22 pounds. 
  • It comes with two lifting rods. 


1) Does know the weight of our car important while buying a jack?

Yes, it is very important to know the weight of your car as jacks are designed to take on different loads like 1 ton, 3 ton and 5 tonnes, etc.

2) What is the right place to lift my car? 

The easiest method to make sure you’re in the appropriate spot is to study the handbook, which includes a schematic of where the jack should be put to elevate the car.

3) Do we need to do service for our electric car jack often? 

Regular servicing is not required for electric Jacks but you can use the Jack often to ensure that there is no problem with the Jack. 

4) How do I use electric, Jack? 

Using electric Jack is very easy, it will have a button or touchscreen just press it and it will start functioning. 

5) Can I unblock my car, Jack, after it?

No, you should not unplug, removing the car jack from the power source will cause the Jack to collapse and it will damage the Jack due to the weight of the vehicle. 


So I think you got everything you need to know about an electric car Jack before you are buying one, electric cars Jack was created especially for women and for handicapped people as they can’t do this manually.

This text will only take a minute or two to lift your car and make it easy for you to change the tire. so if you are thinking of buying a Jack, choose the best Jack that is suitable for you after knowing the weight of your car. Because each Jack is built differently to support the different weights.

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