Best electric cars in India

The Best Electric Cars in India are still a long way away from commercial production, but we can look at the best models that are currently available. As the name suggests, these cars are electric, meaning that they do not need to be refueling like a conventional vehicle.

Despite their high price tag, EVs are still a great option for many people. Unlike gas-powered cars, EVs can be bought from almost any car dealer. In fact, the best EVs cost less than half what their petrol-powered counterparts do.

Tata Nexon EV

The Tata Nexon EV is the first electric SUV in the country. This high-end vehicle is based on the Tata Nexon, a popular mid-sized sedan. It is loaded with features, and the model was launched in India last month. It packs an impressive 30.2 kWh battery pack, resulting in a maximum power output of 127 hp and a peak torque of 255 Nm.

  • Price – Starting from Rs.13.99 lakh.
  • Battery Capacity – 30.2kWh
  • Range – 312 km/full charge
  • Recharge Time – 0-80% charge in 60 minutes with a fast charger.
  • Horsepower– 127Hp
  • Warranty – 8 Year or 1 60 000 km Battery pack motor warranty(whichever is earlier), 3 Year or 1 25 000 km Vehicle warranty (whichever is earlier).

Tata Nexon EV

Tata Tigor EV

The Tata Tigor EV is the country’s first electric sedan. The model’s starting price is around INR 10 lakh (ex-showroom), but it offers an impressive list of features. It has a 210km battery range, a 5.0-inch touch-screen infotainment system, and a number of safety and security features. Whether you plan to use your electric car for long-distance travel or commute to work, it is an excellent choice.

  • Price – Starting from Rs.9.54 lakh
  • Battery Capacity – 21.5kWh
  • Range – 210 km/full charge
  • Recharge Time – Fast charging in 90 minutes and normal charging in six hours.
  • Price – Starting from Rs.9.54 lakh.

Tata Tigor EVTata Tigor EV

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