Best air purifier for a car in India 2022

Finding techniques to make one’s car’s air cleaner should be taken seriously. There are several automobile air purifiers designed specifically for this purpose. In other circumstances, you may not even realize why you were unwell or got allergies. If this is the case, the culprit might be the air quality in your automobile, because you’ll be spending most of the time in it while traveling.

We’ll look at the best air purifier for a car within India in this post, with products from top companies listed below. The best air purifier for an electric car is advantageous since it improves the air quality in the vehicle.

Air purifiers are ideal for those who live in polluted surroundings such as huge cities or industrial locations. We’ll look at the top 12 most affordable automobile air purifiers below: 

1. Pure Car Air Purifier by Honeywell

A compound filter with HEPA and an Activated Carbon Filter is included in the Honeywell Move Pure Automobile Air Purifier. The device’s air filter is similar to a miniature version of home air purifier filters. Fine fibers, hair, and bigger dust particles, such as PM10, are removed by the filter.

Filters may be simply replaced at home, eliminating the need for technical support visits. Filters cannot be washed; they must be replaced when the front button is turned. Red PM2.5, TVOC, stink, and cigarette smoke is all removed. The panel or the utility compartment are the finest and most practical places to attach automotive air filters. Constraints on power connections can have a role.

A 12 V DC electrical outlet is found in the front of all current automobiles. There is no other alternative for automotive air purifiers except to be using this power source. Honeywell MovePure is one of the first & best air purifiers for a car on the market in India, and it costs Rs. 14,990/-.

2. Vantro Air Purifier for Smart Cars

This air purifier for an ELECTRIC automobile is perhaps the best on the market. It’s a smart choice thanks to a slew of features never seen in other automotive air purifiers. Aside from the standard HEPA filter, the Vantro Car air purifier also has an anion generator.

This process disperses negatively charged particles that lift your spirits. Anions have also been shown to induce dust particles to settle. As a result, it complements the operation of the HEPA filtration system.

The body is built of an aluminum alloy that is light but strong. Germs are killed by an anion generator, which also turns dangerous gases into innocuous by-products. This purifier has an excellent feature in that it has an air quality meter so you can keep track of what air you’re breathing in and you can purchase it for only Rs. 4300/-.

3. Car Air Purifier by Nebelr

The Nebelr automobile air purifier has a sleek design and is reasonably priced at Rs. 5299/-. At the same time, it blends in so well with automobile interiors that it readily fits into the cupholder.

This device is unique among automobile filtration systems in that it does not have any filters. It’s nothing more than a negative ion converter. Negative ions bind themselves to dust, causing it to collect in the automobile. So there may be more dirt on the seats, but don’t worry, you won’t be breathing it.

Negative ions, also known as anions, combine with contaminants and other contaminants in the automobile to produce harmless by-products. The Nebelr Best automobile air purifier creates 10 million anions in every cubic centimeter of space. Because of its cylindrical design, it is lightweight and small, weighing only 431 grams.

4. Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier

Philips is a well-known consumer electronics brand. Every household in the world is likely to have a few Philips items. Philips GoPure Best air purifier for an ELECTRIC car is small and light. Hundreds of consumers have expressed their satisfaction with the GoPure Compact 100 Airmax automobile air purifier.

In our poll, the GoPure Compact 100 Airmax was voted the second greatest car air purifier. If you can locate one that is accessible and within your budget, go for it. There’s a Filter Maintenance Indicator that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter.

The Philips automobile air purifier is powered by the 12V power outlet in the vehicle. The air purifier begins automatically when the engine is turned on, and you can have one for Rs. 4999 /-.

5. Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier

GoPure Slimline 230 by Philips. It’s hardly something anyone would consider putting in their automobile, especially given the low cost of effective room air purifiers. No offense, but most people will pass it up in favor of alternative, less expensive automobile air purifiers.

Every additional feature introduced to a gadget model raises its price; this is a common occurrence. The Philips GoPure sports an OLED display and a digital Clean Air Indicator. Almost every automobile air purifier on the market lacks this function. One scent cartridge is included with the GoPure automobile air purifier.

It has a natural aroma dispensing mechanism that refreshes the inside of your automobile. The integrated air-particles sensor shows current air quality as good (blue), fair (yellow), or bad (red). It costs roughly Rs. 18,999/- and is well worth the money.

6. Sharp IG-GC2E-B Plasmacluster Car Air Purifier

Sharp is another fantastic brand that sells itself based on its name and reputation. Another lovely product is the Sharp Plasmacluster New Air Purifier. Because of its long and elegant profile, it can be stowed in the cup holder next to the power outlet.

For quick elimination of gaseous pollutants, there is a one-touch operation and the opportunity to pick from three fan speed levels: Low, High, and Turbo Mode. Filters can be used for up to 19,000 hours, however, this is an estimate. Cleans your automobile of germs, bacteria, viruses, smells, mold, and fungal spores.

Patented Plasmacluster technology disperses the optimal concentration of anions and cations into the car’s air, dissolving pathogens (microbes) and producing a pleasant sensation. The display is more intuitive, and because it is top-mounted, it is easier to adjust. It costs Rs. 6,990 /-.

7. Airspa HEPA & Ionizer Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier by Airspa The greatest purifier you can get everywhere is the HEPA, which has a voltage output of DC 10 to 15 W, 300 to 500 mA. The air is purified using a HEPA filter, which is part of a sophisticated Active loading waylay filter system. The airflow surrounding the automobile would be 7 m3, and each cm3 would create 50 million Anions.

This purifier is under 250 grams in weight and includes a 360-degree purifying mechanism. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and PM 2.5 can also be removed. Brand unknown, implying that they have been new to the industry and are offering the greatest goods for a low price in order to seize control of the market. This purifier is priced at Rs. 3,300/-.

8. ANSIO Ionizer Car Air Purifier

Many people prefer the Ansio 5001 Car Air Purifier. It has been said that neither Philips, as well as Honeywell, can compete with it.

The firm Ansio is based in the United Kingdom. It includes a smart mode that adjusts the speed based on the degree of pollution. There is another option (auto or intelligent mode) using white color light in addition to the three modes with three colors (red, blue, and green) listed in the description. This may be hung from the front seat’s headrest or placed on the dashboard. Ansio provides excellent customer service and responds quickly.

A USB Charger Output is included with the Ansio Car Air Purifier. It also has a two-year guarantee and will set you back roughly Rs. 4000/-.

9. Purita Car Air Purifier is a device that purifies the air in your vehicle.

The Purita Car Air Purifier is available for Rs. 9000/-.  Purita has launched various innovative and first-to-market features, such as Gesture Induction Control for safe driving: wave hand to turn on, wave palm again to enter high wind mode and wave hand a third time to turn off.

Another Portable Air Purifier uses color LEDs to indicate the quality of the air inside the vehicle. The green/blue/red lights indicate the condition of the air within the vehicle. Temperature and relative humidity are also displayed.

Unlike other automotive air purifiers that are made of plastic, the Purita model is made of aluminum alloy. HEPA Filter as the primary filter: Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon, and Anion are all included in the device. Antigens, dust, dust, smoke, odors, animal dander, formaldehyde, mold, and mildew, and TVOCs are reduced by 99.9%.

10. Elegant Hepa Car Air Cleaner by Gliese

At Rs. 2000/-, the Gliese Elegant Hepa Car Air Cleaner is one of the most affordable finest car purifiers.  Air purifiers from Gliese. This firm produces high-quality goods at enticingly low costs. This is why it has been included in our list of the top vehicle air purifier reviews.

Whatever your thoughts just on Gliese Elegant HEPA Car Air Purifier, nothing can provide you greater value for money at this price! In the end, all air purifiers feature a rotary/stationary, rectangular/cylindrical filter/filters, and a fan to pull air into the mechanism. Purchasing this filtration system should be as inexpensive as possible.

For an air purifier, it’s dirt inexpensive. Well-known brands are three times as expensive and do not provide three times the quality. Within minutes of turning it on, the HEPA filtration & anion generator capture contaminants from all sides and clean the air within your automobile. Smoke, noxious fumes, dust, allergies, bacteria, viruses, and odor are all removed.

11. Portable Air Purifier Reffair AX30 [MAX]

AX30 [MAX] Reffair The term “portable air purifier” does not imply that the equipment should be large and unattractive. It has an all-black and all-aluminum body. Inside the portable air purifier sector, this is a highly technical brand.

Because Reffairs does not operate in various categories, they focus their synergy on their core capabilities. In comparison to ionizers and non-tested air purifiers, this air purifier has unsurpassed purifying performance.

It features a bright LED display. The AX30 has a bright, sharp display that indicates the current temperature and humidity level. The most reliable HEPA filter is included, which is extensively utilized in the air filtration process.

It can get rid of 99.97% of dust, pollen, cigarette smells, mold spores, and pet danders. It detects dangerous gases in the atmosphere. It’s designed in a practical cup form. One may be purchased for Rs. 2,599/-.

12. Cabin HEPA Air Purifier by Blueair

The Blueair Cabin is an air purifier for cars that includes a PM2.5 filter as well as an active carbon filter.

The P2i filters tiny particles and eliminates odors from your vehicle. The Cabin P2i attaches to the back of something like the headrest or the armrest using a supplied strap. This air purifier is available for 15994 /-

ProsThis item is covered by a one-year guarantee. For nearly 8 years, there is no expense of replacement.

In India, this is one of the greatest automobile air purifiers. It features built-in air quality sensors that operate in auto mode and can communicate with the device. It also features two USB charging outlets and a high-capacity CADR of up to 38Conclusion CU m per hour.


1. Is it worthwhile to invest in a vehicle air purifier?

removal of all pollutants and dangerous airborne particles from your vehicle. Make sure to replace the filters on these air purifiers on a regular basis to keep them working properly and effectively purifying the air around you.

2. Is it possible to put an air purifier in my car?

Purifiers for automobiles, like air purifiers for homes, are now available. These little gadgets help keep the air in a car clean no matter what style of vehicle you have, whether it’s a hatchback, sedan, or SUV.

3. What is the best air purifier for a car?

If you don’t care about money, the greatest air purifier is the Phillips air purifier, which has a lot of great features.

4. How much will air purifiers cost in India in 2022?

Air purifiers in India in 2022 might cost anywhere from 2K to 20K, depending on the product’s features, size, and brand.


There are several air purifiers on the market, but each one operates just on the basis of technology, design, and mechanism.

Some automotive air purifiers trap dust, germs, and other pollutants, while others emit negative ions that interact with particles in the air and filter the air. And we’ve covered virtually all of the key purifiers on the market, from the most expensive to the most affordable.

By purchasing one of the Top 12 best automobile air purifiers in India, you can keep yourself & your loved ones safe by inhaling nice and clear air even while you are traveling.

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